‘Are You Dating?’ Why Are We Hell Bent On Asking Celebs Personal Questions

PV Sindhu, one of India's leading Badminton players, who is now eyeing at 2024 Paris Olympics is in the news again. But the news that caught the attention of some people is unfortunately not this. It is about her dating life

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PV Sindhu, India's one of the leading Badminton players, is in the news again. She has brought several laurels for our country including two Olympic medals, one World Championship Gold and other medals at Asian and Commonwealth Games. She is now eyeing at 2024 Paris Olympics. On her social media, the ace player revealed that she has teamed up with legendary Badminton player Prakash Padukone. He is going to be his mentor. But the news that caught the attention of some people is unfortunately not this. But the one about her dating life. 


In an interview, PV Sindhu was asked if she is dating. She was asked about her relationship status and her 'future' plans. But Sindhu gave a fitting reply, as good as she is in the court. 

To the questions inquiring about her relationship status, she blatantly answered that she was single. "Right now, it's just badminton for me. My ultimate aim is the Olympics," she added. 

Immediately after, she was asked if there was any part of her that wanted a partner. To this, she said, "I never thought about it as such. 'Oh, yeah. I need a partner' like that. It's destiny, whatever is written here (pointing at her forehead)."

To the question of whether she is dating anyone, she replied, "No, not really...There is nothing good or bad about it. Life goes on. If it will happen, it will happen."

Why are we interested in the dating life of professional women?


This is not the first time that a female celebrity has been shot with questions about their personal lives. Rihanna, singer and businesswoman was once asked a similar question. But her fitting reply resonates with us even today. She said, "I am not looking for a man. Let's start there." 

Currently also if we see in the Bollywood industry, people are obsessed with celebrities' dating lives. Be it Rashmika Mandanna's relationship with Vijay, Ananya Pandey's dating rumours with Aditya Roy Kapoor or speculations about Mrunal Thakur's relationship just because they held hands at a party - all show media's and viewers' interest in women's personal lives. But what about their professional lives? Why don't we talk enough about their success and achievements? 

Need a man? Its a choice

Male celebrities in our society do not encounter such questions a lot. People are more interested in their biggest feats in life or the latest releases. But why this difference you wonder? This is because our society still cannot get rid of the fact that women cannot rely on themselves and their careers for a happy life. That they still need a man for a happy and safe life. 

It is high time now that we get rid of these misconceptions. Women can now sustain on their own. Having a man in life is a choice, not a necessity. Women are now focussing on their careers and on improving themselves emotionally, physically and mentally to live happily. 

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