Made In Heaven's Jauhari Is An Old-School Feminist; Here's Why

Vijay Raaz's character Jauhari isn't someone who loudly proclaims his feminism to the world. He quietly supports and empowers women from behind the scenes, without seeking recognition for his actions.

Nikita Gupta
Sep 04, 2023 18:47 IST

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Made In Heaven Season 2 was released last month. The show broke all records and headlined the entertainment news and OTT charts as it immersed viewers in the glamorous world of Delhi's high society, where opulent Indian weddings take centre stage. Our beloved wedding planners, Tara Khanna and Karan Mehra, return to provide the most enchanting dream weddings.


The series addresses various social issues such as domestic abuse and polygamy, and highly leans towards a feminist approach. With powerful characters like Tara Khanna, Bulbul Jauhari, and Mehr Chaudhary, the series stands for women

While the women can fight alone, their counterparts, the men can support them. The biggest example is Bulbul's husband and Made In Heaven's biggest investor Ramesh Jauhari, a low-laying, undermined feminist. Here is the proof.

Jauhari Supports Powerful Women


In the first episode, we are introduced to the character of Jauhari who is a businessman and questioning the decisions of the two wedding planners. When Karan introduces Mehr Chaudhary to him, he comments, 'Your hiring is costing a huge amount to the company,' followed by 'I like a woman who knows her worth.' The respect he casts on Mehr shows he is not afraid of assertive women. He is secure in his manhood.

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Against Domestic Violence


His wife Bulbul was the victim of physical abuse by her first husband. When she was supposedly caught, he protected her and stood by her. He later accepted her in his life and gave her the respect that she always deserved. 

Despite we see him supporting her as she decides to step out of the comfort of her home and work for the wedding company Made In Heaven. At one point he tells Tara, the seasoned businesswoman, to believe in Bulbul like he did and that she will turn their fortunes around. Alas, she did.

Calls Out The Sexual Offenders


As the series progresses, we see Jauharis' elder son Dhruv getting involved in a sex scandal. He and his friends record a girl in her private moments with her boyfriend and then blackmail her to sleep with each one of them, till she decides to file a complaint. As we see Dhruv slut-shaming the victim, Jauhari continuously denies speaking ill of her without knowing the complete truth. 

Furthermore, we see Jauhari take a progressive stance during a meeting with the parents of Dhruv's friends, who were implicated in mistreating a girl and extorting her. He promptly highlights that in the current era, it is imperative for girls and women to speak out when they face abuse; they should not remain silent.


He Calls Out Men

Over the course of the series, we see Dhruv disrespecting his mother due to the grudges he holds against her for leaving his father. Despite that, Jauhari repeatedly underscores to Dhruv that his way of life is supported by his mother, who has worked diligently to attain her current position. Whenever Dhruv, shows disrespect towards her, Jauhari asserts his authority to convey to him the importance of listening to his mother and showing her the respect she deserves.

Everything being said, Vijay Raaz's character Jauhari isn't someone who loudly proclaims his feminism to the world. He quietly supports and empowers women from behind the scenes, without seeking recognition for his actions. This is what truly defines him as a genuine ally to feminism.


Jauhari simply remains true to himself, without any pretense. Instead of trying to portray himself as a feminist, he naturally embodies those values, much like his inherent cultural identity. He doesn't go through a transformation to become a feminist; his character remains consistently supportive. Vijay Raaz's character is a mature understanding of what a feminist should look like, how they should speak, and how they should act.

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