Zilla Panchayat CEO Hails Labourer for Building Toilet in Her House

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More and more women living in rural areas are maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in their vicinity by taking the onus of constructing toilets on themselves. While most of them get it constructed outside the house, a daily wage worker in Belagavi has gone an extra mile and built a toilet within her house.

The Belagavi Zilla Panchayat Chief Executive Officer, R Ramachandran, visited her house to appreciate her bold step.

This is a revolutionary move for villagers to construct a toilet within one’s home. –  CEO Ramachandran said.

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The Decision

Fakiravva Yamanappa Ingalagi knew the significance a toilet held in their lives. The dearth of space outside her home compelled her to get a toilet constructed within the house. She renovated the house to make room for building a toilet.

Fakiravva said that covering long distances to answer nature’s call is very difficult for women so she chose to build one inside her house.

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R Ramachandran told the Bangalore Mirror,“Fakiravva Yamanappa Ingalagi is a daily wage worker from Anigola in Bailahongala Taluk and is living with three daughters. She has a very small house and there is a no space outside her house. It was for this reason that she decided to renovate her house and took out one room for a toilet. The trend in the villages is to only construct toilets outside, mostly in the backyard. Since there is no space in the backyard or in front of the house, and realising the importance of a toilet, she renovated her house to accommodate a toilet.”

A Revolutionary Act

Talking about the ripple effect that her move has created, the CEO said that a lot of women will gain inspiration to do the same.

“This is a revolutionary move for villagers to construct a toilet within one’s home,” CEO Ramachandran said.

It is heartening to see rural women challenging notions and spurring change in their areas.

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