YS Sharmila Reddy Protests For Demand of Release Of Job Notifications

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister YS Sharmila Reddy protested against the Telangana government.

This was done in a bid to demand the release of job notifications for various government jobs in the state. “I am sitting on a hunger strike against the government of Telangana for failing to release notification to fill up government jobs,” Sharmila told ANI. She also added that her hunger strike aims at putting pressure on the Telangana government to prioritise unemployment and create more jobs for unemployed people, especially the youth.

YS Sharmila Reddy Talks About The Vacancies At The Telangana State Public Service Commission

However, Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao, the Minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development said that over 1,32,000 people have already been given jobs.

YS Sharmila Reddy then reacted to his statement by questioning why certain reports claimed that 1,91,000 government jobs are still vacant. She then claimed that many young employed people are restlessly waiting for the job notifications and are also “committing suicide”.

“For about the last 7 seven years, the state government has not issued any job notification and there are about 30 lakh unemployed youth in Telangana,” she said. She further claimed that the youth has become restless after waiting all these years and that they are now committing suicide.

YS Sharmila Reddy then also spoke about the  Telangana State Public Service Commission (TSPSC). According to her, the TSPC which is usually managed by one chairperson, and a 10 member committee is actually being managed by one person. She then said that such vacancies should be filled up soon so that the real issue of unemployment can be investigated.

Sharmila raised an objection about being taken to police custody for conducting a foot march on Thursday. That was the first day of her ongoing hunger strike. “When the Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao can hold a public meeting, then why cannot we be given permission to conduct a protest and why has not the police allowed us to do so,” she said.