Why Young Women Find Malala Yousafzai Inspiring

Charvi Kathuria
Jul 12, 2018 13:45 IST
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"If one man can destroy everything, why can't one girl change it?" these words by Malala Yousafzai speak volumes of the ripples of change she has been creating in the society through her relentless efforts. From being shot by Taliban at a tender age to becoming the youngest Nobel Laureate, Malala's life is an inspiration to millions of girls.


On the young leader's 21st birthday today, we went on to ask some young girls about why they idolise Malala, here is what they have to say:

Empowering light for billions of girls

"To see a young girl, rise like a phoenix after going through hell is the most inspiring story in the world. Malala, through her vision, capabilities and tremendous work, is an empowering light for billions of girls out there who aspire to achieve something and lead a life they can be proud of," says Nainital based Bhawana Bisht.


An integral part of this generation

A 24-year-old Apoorva Joshi employed as a banker in Nainital believes that Malala serves as an integral part of this generation.

"She continues to be the symbol of change, humanity and inspiration in all its meaning. This Nobel Peace Prize winner is striving hard to make this world a better place for girls to live in and there cannot be anything more inspiring than this path she has taken at such a young age.”


Epitome of courage and determination

Parul Soni who is pursuing Economics Honours from Lady Shri Ram College, says that the fact that she is around her age and shows unimaginable courage and determination is quite inspiring.

"She is brave and she didn't let the oppressive forces in her country stop her. She literally almost paid with her life but she went ahead anyway." - Parul Soni


Believes in giving back to the society

"In my eyes, I see Malala Yousafzai as a hero. She stood up against the Taliban. She strived for female education in a country like Pakistan. I admire her for the courage she has shown by continuing to fight for the education and peace. Post the attack on her, she even created the Malala Fund to help other children around the world. She is only 21, and I can't stop admiring the things she has done," shares Deepali Maggo who is pursuing her Masters in journalism from IP University.

"Her story inspires me to move past the little hurdles in life and look towards the future. I love how she never gave up on her circumstances, and instead chose to fight back" - Nimisha Bansal


Teaches you the lesson of never giving up

Nimisha Bansal from Lady Shri Ram college opines that for her, Malala represents the struggle of girls around the world who have suffered oppression, injustice and inequality in its worst form and yet come out of it with great vigour.

"Her story inspires me to move past the little hurdles in life and look towards the future. I love how she never gave up on her circumstances, and instead chose to fight back. Her unfortunate shooting only made her stronger. Her work in the field of education and women’s rights is commendable. She is a rightful role model for little girls and humanitarian activists around the world.", she sums up.


What lessons have you learned from her life? Share with us in the comments below.

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