You Will Always Be My Shining Star: Writes Sheetal Amte’s Husband Gautam Karajgi

Sheetal Amte-Karajgi Father-in-law
On Tuesday, Gautam Karajgi, husband of late Dr Sheetal Amte Karajgi took to Facebook and shared an emotional post on the occasion of her 40th birthday.

Karajgi also shared a video clip which consisted of Amte’s childhood pictures and her photos with their six-year-old son Sharvil, along with pictures of the initiatives launched at the Anandwan during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You are so far and yet so near, I want to hug you but oh dear, Never had I imagined that I would wish you from here,” wrote Gautam Karajgi in his Facebook post.

Dr Sheetal  Amte-Karajgi, the granddaughter of social worker Murlidhar D. Amte (Baba Amte), was found dead at Anandwan Ashram on November 30, 2020. According to previous reports, Amte died by suicide by injecting herself. It was reported that she was under stress. However, her husband, Gautam Karajgi claimed that Sheetal was not ‘insane’. “She was doing her work and activities. Some media reports against her had affected her mental health,” said Karajgi while interacting with the press.

In his Facebook post, Karajgi said that he is still not able to process the fact that Amte has left the world.  “We had made so many plans of how we would like to lead our lives after we turn 40,” he wrote. “I promise I will groom Sharvil the way you wanted, inculcating in him all the values that you cherished and lived by.”

 “You were an excellent daughter, friend, mentor, mother, and wife,” he wrote. However, Karajgi said that Amte was always betrayed by people she cared about the most.

Sheetal was born in Warora, Maharashtra and was the Chief Executive Officer and board member of Maharogi Sewa Samiti, a non-profit organisation that helps people with leprosy.

In December, police informed that the autopsy report claimed Amte’s death by choking and that no strangulation was discovered as a piece of evidence in connection with death caused by suicide. Read about it here