"Fashion Writing shows you the Aesthetics of Fashion" - Nikita Agarwal

Charvi Kathuria
Dec 09, 2017 04:37 IST

Women's Writer's Fest in Kolkata witnessed some interesting fashion-centric conversations in its sixth panel- 'Writing on Fashion is a serious business'. Baisali Dutt, Jeena Mitra, Nikita Agarwal and Agnimitra Paul were the panellists who have an interesting insight into fashion writing. Somini Sen Dua moderated the session.


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Striking a contrast between the current fashion writing and the one she was used to seeing, Jeena Mitra said,"Fashion in our times was very different. Our objective was to pull out designers from regions, lesser known, less cultivated."


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She talked about how fashion journalists discovered many then lesser known designers. They were written about. Comparing it with what happens today, she says," Today you have a name and 10 people queued up to write about them."

"I understand that visual is very important because it sticks in your head but writing shows the aesthetics of fashion and teaches you what's happening, what's right, what's critical." - Nikita Agarwal

Expressing her desire to see better fashion writers, she said," I wish we have more writers today who come up with better names, better work and do not run after people or at least speak of people who already have everything."


"Let's discover new things, let's discover Make in India, Made in India. Something that's more Indian for a global platform." - Jeena Mitra

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Fashion writing different from other forms of writing


Agnimitra Paul said that Fashion is all about fun, creativity and something you do on a regular basis.

"Writing about fashion and designs is different from writing. You need to have a special eye while writing for fashion," she averred.

Fashion writing as important for the business


Calling Fashion a booming industry, Baisali Dutt said,"Writing about fashion is important because we need to know the trends, we need to know what's happening, we need to know who the faces are and whom to follow."

Writing shows the aesthetics of fashion

Nikita, an avid fashion blogger emphasised the need of having good fashion writers. She said,"Fashion writing is very important because I (fashion bloggers) learn about fashion and everything about this industry only by reading. I understand that visual is very important because it sticks into your head, but writing shows the aesthetics of fashion and teaches you what's happening, whats right, what's critical."

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