Thanks To Wordle, American Woman Rescued From Naked Kidnapper

wordle rescues old woman
Wordle has been a popular new hobby adopted by netizens. The abundance of green-black-yellow boxes floating on the Twitter timelines is proof of how the word game has really caught on. An 80-year-old woman in Chicago, USA was also hooked to the same and that is why she is alive and well today.

According to a report by New York Post, a naked man sneaked into the woman, Denyse Holt’s home last Saturday and held her hostage for 17 hours. Reportedly, the intruder is a mentally ill man. Holt lives in the Windy City’s Lincolnwood neighbourhood. When the intruder, identified as 32-year-old James H. Davis III, crept into Holt’s home, she was sleeping.

Wordle Rescues Old Woman:

After there were no whereabouts of the woman for almost the entire day, her daughter called the police. What made her call the police? Reportedly Holt sends her Wordle answers to her daughter every day, much like the netizens on social media sites. When her daughter did not hear from her about her Wordle update, it was confirmed something was off.

According to reports, the intruder was reportedly bloodied from a broken window and was clutching a pair of scissors in his hands. Holt while speaking to the media said that she was in shock.

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“I was trying to survive that’s all. He said, ‘I won’t harm you or molest you’,” Holt added. The intruder then order Holt to take a shower with him in her nightgown. The intruder reportedly said, “No I am not warm enough. We have to take a bath.”

The man took Holt around the house and disconnected the phones. He grabbed a couple of knives from the kitchen and took her to the bathroom in the basement of the house. The man also reportedly blocked the door with a chair.

To pass the time, Holt did some work out, New York Post reported. The scared old woman told the media that she did not think she would stay alive so she was doing marching and stretching as much as she could.

Finally, her daughter Meredith Holt-Caldwell noticed how her mother had not texted her all day about her Wordle result. Meredith then called the police who responded and reached Holt’s home at 9:40 pm on Sunday. The SWAT team arrested the intruder after an hours-long standoff.

As per reports, the intruder, James Davis III has been charged with felony of home invasion with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping and assault against peace officer.

Denyse Holt had never imagined in a million years that something like this would happen to her. She told the media, “I am very lucky.” No physical injury was reported by her.

For the uninitiated, Wordle is a English language puzzle created by New York-based software engineer Josh Wardle. The puzzle game has now been acquired by the New York Times. The general rule of the game is to guess a correct five-word letter in six attempts using only the letters on the board as hints. The game has a sweet background story behind it. Read it here.