Record for Wonder Woman Streaming Debut

Wonder Woman 1984 makes record streaming debut ,Wonder Woman 1984 Costume
Wonder Woman Streaming Debut broke records. Warner Bros Wonder Woman 1984 has recorded most viewing time yet for a feature film when it premiered on HBO Max.

The Nielsen rating service said that the film got a huge audience on its opening weekend. It then created history by becoming the biggest feature film in Nielsen’s rankings. 

The hit movie was released on December 25. During its first week of the premiere, HBO Max users spent 2.25 billion minutes watching the movie. This is equivalent to about 14.9 million complete plays of the 151-minute long feature film. HBO Max also reported that around half of its retail subscribers had watched the movie on its premiere day.

Talking about the success of the movie, HBO Max executive VP and general manager Andy Forssell said that the impact of Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max cannot be understated. “As was announced on Wednesday during our earnings and as this Nielsen data shows, it was a huge holiday gift to the consumer at a time when they wanted and needed it. This partnership with Warner Bros., of course, continues throughout the year but it began with Wonder Woman’s arrival on Christmas Day to great success,” he said. 

Gal Gadot Producer, Gal Gadot 1984, wonder woman streaming debut

Gal Gadot is busy promoting her latest action film Wonder Woman 1984.

Nielsen had previously ranked Pixar’s ‘Soul’  on Disney+ as the No.1 streamed film. But the Gal Gadot starring movie surpassed it as ‘Wonder Woman 1984‘ was streamed 580 minutes more than ‘Soul’. It also recorded the third-highest weekly total for any title since Nielsen began releasing weekly streaming numbers in August 2020.

Meanwhile, HBO Max is not regularly considered by Nielson for weekly rankings. But WarnerMedia is a client of the popular ranking service. 

The streaming platform, HBO Max has about 17.2 subscribed users currently. While the other streaming giant, Netflix has nearly 74 million paid subscribers in the U.S. and Canada.