Good News! Women’s Education In Afghanistan Sees Support From The OIC

Women's Education In Afghanistan, Online Education For Afghan Women
Women’s Education has been suffering in Afghanistan since the inception of the Taliban. The Organisation Of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has decided to take a stand for the cause. The OIC has decided to send some of their scholars to discuss women’s right to education in Afghanistan as per reports from TOLOnews.

The OIC’s Secretary General Hissein Brahim Taha announced the team of scholars that were selected for the task. The announcement was made at the first meeting of the Organisation Of Islamic Cooperation that took place in Mauritania.

Taha conveyed that the OIC intends to address the concern of women’s education in Afghanistan to the Taliban through dialogue.

OIC To Discuss Women’s Education In Afghanistan

The Taliban reinstated its claim over Afghanistan in August 2021. Ever since then, women have lost all of their basic rights.

Females are recommended for leadership positions in the country. Additionally, they are also banned from traveling unless a male companion from their family accompanies them. Forty countries represented themselves in Mauritania’s 49th OCI meeting on the 16th and 17th of March.

The spokesperson of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan who was attending this OCI meeting, Zabiullah Mujahid, refuted that women were treated unfairly in any way in Afghanistan. Mujahid conveyed that they were trying to resolve the issue of women in education and employment and that all changes take time. He assured the OCI that efforts were being made and the issue would be resolved.

The Taliban had reneged on their earlier statement of opening schools on 23rd March last year. On the same day, they closed educational institutions for females at the secondary level.

They have not notified their intention of ever opening schools for women again or if they intended to keep the ban on education for women permanently.

The Taliban’s inception post-2021 left women and girl children bereft of agency. Women were removed from leadership positions in civil services and they were banned from attending secondary education in most of the provinces.

Not a lot of information on the Taliban’s regressive actions currently is being reported as they have limited journalism and have physically harmed journalists for reporting. They have also carried out revenge killings and officials of the former government went missing under their regime.

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