Women Writers Share Tips on How to Vanquish A Writer's Block

Rachna Chandira
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Women Writers Share Tips on How to Vanquish A Writer's Block

Every writer faces this unavoidable, uncomfortable and mind-troubling boulder: The writer’s block. The words stop flowing out of the pen, the mind stops producing ideas and the ambience doesn't seem to cooperate. Writer's block, people agree, is a creations block, where not only the words stop coming, the idea of the story and what will come next takes also takes a toll.


SheThePeople.TV spoke to some writers on how they overcome a writer's block and get out of the claustrophobic space.

Food Bribes

Many writers take shelter by indulging in food. Sometimes, as an incentive, or a mere change of routine and sometimes just for the craving, food helps solve the troubles.

As Sudesna Ghosh says, she bribes herself with cupcakes. On a similar thought Sudha Menon, on the women writers group, says “Eating dessert, almost always works wonders.”

Keep Writing

Continuing to write even during a writer’s block is one of the ways to overcome it. Even if the piece, written during the block, doesn't make sense, it helps to sustain the process of writing and the phase eventually passes through. As Kiran Manral says, “Never indulge in it. Just write through it. Scare it away.”


Some writers don't believe in a writer's block. Koral Dasgupta says, “I don't believe there is one. It's the same as a bad day at work or an out of form innings. A temporary ‘aaj maza nahi aa raha’ phase, if you are willing to look at it that way.”

Alone Time

“Lone Time. Go for a walk in the woods, or retreat to a mountain lodge. Stay away from humans in general...I’m antisocial that way,” says Debolina Bandyopadhyay on facing a writer’s block. Nature has enchanting powers. It reconnects you with thyself, taking you away from people and giving your mind the peace it requires to start afresh.

Writer’s block in a way directs you to look at situations differently. By writing, going out, mindless shopping, eating or sleeping one can win over this little devil and produce better work. So, Happy Writing!

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeople.TV

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