How Do Writers Minimise Distractions While Writing

Charvi Kathuria
Sep 22, 2018 12:31 IST
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How Do Writers Minimise Distractions While Writing

Imagine sitting in front of your computer with a clear agenda in front of you. You are determined to meet your writing goals but suddenly you realize that you can't concentrate because everything but writing has occupied your mind. You are tempted to reply to those messages your best friend has been sending you or you can't ditch that irresistible urge to check social media.


Yes, writing is one of the most therapeutic practices but the same can become stressful if you do not make an effort to mind the distractions around you. In fact, a lot of writers lose the zeal to write because they allow distractions to sabotage their productivity.

SheThePeople.TV spoke to some writers to know about some hacks they use to keep themselves focussed and away from distractions.

Some Takeaways

  • Writing is a therapeutic process, but it can turn really stressful if you don't minimize distractions around you.
  • Keeping phones on silent or working on a computer that doesn't have an internet are good ways to stay focussed.
  • You can take breaks in between your schedule. Joining writing groups that keep you motivated is also a good idea.

Minimise phone usage

Archana Pai Kulkarni suggests logging out of the multiple windows that are open on our laptops. "It is also best to silence the phone and keep it away from the scene of action. Check no mail, check no messages and answer no questions," she advises.


According to Kanchana Banerjee, mobile phones can be really distracting. She combats the distraction, by keeping the mobile in a different room. "I don't switch off the internet as I'm not tempted to check Facebook, etc. My disturbance is the phone ringing so I keep the phone in another room."

“Work on a computer that is disconnected from the internet.” - Zadie Smith

Taking regular breaks

Saiswaroopa Iyer believes in taking regular breaks in between her writing schedule. She says, "Cut yourself off everything else and write whatever you can for 25 minutes. Then take a break and repeat."

Find a writing buddy or join a writing group

Rohini Kapur Kalwa asserts that changing one's workplace can be a good solution to get rid of distractions. Another strategy which works for her is finding a writing partner or group to write with them. Talking about her experience of working in one such group, she mentioned, "In my earlier writing group, we used to do a 45-minute session called "Shut up and Write." Someone would set a timer, and we would all write or type quietly for that duration. It worked. I've been looking for a writing buddy or a group to do this since forever now."


Stay away from social media

"We all need to wean away from social media. Ditch the internet while writing," advocates Sudha Menon.

How do you keep distractions at bay? Share your views with us.

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