Women voters get equally active in Delhi

Delhi elections this time were all about women. With one of the prime candidates for the post of CM being one of the strongest female figures of our generation; to the other prime candidate making concrete promises about making the capital safer for women. This continued at the polling booths today too, which saw women from all walks of life coming to vote.


Seema, a Delhi University student who cast her vote at a polling booth in Uttam Nagar constituency told IBN Live that she came to vote because:  “All parties have been making various promises about women’s safety and other things. The kind of scenario we have in Delhi, nothing can change overnight, but a vote is where we all expect it to begin.”


Women Voters in Delhi Picture By: NDTV

Women Voters in Delhi
Picture By: NDTV

The participation of women in these elections can mainly be attributed to the current circumstances in the capital, where women’s safety is need of the hour. Another voter, Heena Khandoori, who is an IT-engineer by profession, said, “Women need to make wise choices when it comes to electing our representatives. We can’t be swayed by mere promises; but definitely these elections are not a choice between better and best but between good and better.”


IBN Live reported that in Delhi, a total of 1.33 crore people are eligible to vote. Out of which over 72 lakh are men and around 59 lakh are women and out of the 673 candidates in the elections, only 66 are women. This time only 19 women candidates were fielded by Congress, BJP and AAP put together. This is just slightly better than 2013 polls, where the three parties had together fielded just 17 women candidates.



[Featured Picture Courtesy: IndiaTv]