Avenging Sexism: Women's Suit Ad Uses Nude Men As Props

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The ad world is changing. While earlier scantily clad women were used in adverts to sell anything from washing powder to cars, several big brands have taken their sexist minds off such ads where women are objectified to sell their products. 


Call it a big triumph of fem-vertising or win for social media (except for the fairness ads!) but, there seems to be a change in the works. To show how it felt all those years, Suistudio, a clothing brand that makes suits for women took this opportunity to come up with something similarly sexist -- they placed naked men where there was no need for them.

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Suistudio is campaigning #NotDressingMen and the advertisement points out exactly what is wrong in the ad world

In the ads, semi-naked men just lie around in the background, making you question their relevance in the women's clothing ad. So there it is, bang in the face! This is exactly what women sexualised in ads have suffered all these years.

Using them defies logic. They are only there like props to increase the sale, to be used as a showpiece for viewers.

">Watch the ads here!


We absolutely cannot but love the idea of this campaign. Some brands are finally breaking the sexist attitude that has been dominating the industry for years

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Equality means respecting both the sexes and it’s indeed a hard pill to swallow for some absurd minds, but they will get there, eventually.

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