Women Staff In PwC To Get Upto 3 Years Childcare Leave

Poorvi Gupta
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Maternity and childcare leaves have been an ongoing topic this year with the government and corporates both showing sensitivity towards it. The latest to increase the level of women-centric initiatives is PwC India, which announced on Thursday that a programme has been launched by the company which will allow up to three years for childcare leaves to its women employees once anytime during their term of employment with the company.


The programme is called Full Circle. It will allow women employees of PwC who have been with the company for two or more to take childcare leave.

"Our intent with the launch of this programme is to put into practice the deep organisational commitment towards supporting our women employees and their personal needs," PwC India Chief People Officer Jagjit Singh told Economic Times.

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The initiative gives its women employees benefits like keeping their position in the company unchanged until they get back to work. Other benefits include a mentor to the concerned employee who will help her with transitioning back to work as her leaves get over. Apart from this, they will have access to local corporate events, all PwC-related updates and continuity of health and welfare benefits.

“With this new programme, our women employees, who constitute nearly a third of our total workforce in India, will get the opportunity to stay connected with their colleagues, peers and firm even if they decide to take a break to care for their children," the company said.

PwC was one of the first companies to also increase the maternity leaves from 12 weeks to 26 weeks from the start of this year. Along with these measures, PwC will also ensure that its employees have enough work-life balance with flexibility options.

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