Women politicians more educated than male politicians in India

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Even though female literacy in India is much lower as compared to male literacy (65.46 per cent for women against 80 for men), a new report has pointed out a very interesting fact.


According to a report by the National Statistical Organisation has revealed that 44 per cent of the women politicians elected to the 16th Lok Sabha this term are postgraduates while just 29 per cent of the male MPs have the equal level of qualification. Pointing out at the higher female participation in the elections, in recent times, the report stated that from 56 per cent in 2009, the overall participation of women has gone up to 66 in 2014, reported  The Indian Express.


Since the percentage of women is just one percent behind that of men, and women can now be seen getting out of their traditional roles, the status of women in the society will slowly rise up. With women police personnel; a better employment rate for women in governmental and private companies etc., women would slowly cease to be seen as a liability.


[Picture Courtesy: If mayors ruled the world]


What is clear now is that even though more men than women are representing us on the government seats today, the quality of women representatives is much higher. What this suggests is that the social conditions are by themselves encouraging women’s empowerment. With the increasing number of female politicians in the country, we can soon hope to see a better and more educated group of people heading and taking the country forward.


ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Indian Express