Under Swachh Bharat Abhyaan, the cleanliness drive started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in October last year, the government promised to build toilets across India by 2019. The women Panchayat of Chauthiya village in Madhya Pradesh, however, has taken the matter in their own hands. In order to shame those who defecate in the open, there is a ‘live broadcast’ announcing the names of people who are found relieving themselves in the open.


It is not as random as it sounds. The entire system of broadcast is very organized and consists of a 12-member committee, which includes women, to spot people who openly defecate. Every time a villager is seen walking with a ‘Lota’ in his/her hand, there is a running commentary about their activity and movement.


They have a special committee that comprises of 12 female members, who spot people who defecate in the open. Equipped with torches and mobile phones, they then inform a “control room” at the panchayat bhawan that announces the names of those defecating in the open.


Sarpanch Khusli Bai, told Hindustan Times, “We tried our best to get them to use the toilets. First we started taking photographs of offenders on mobile phones and made them public. Then we tried to convey the message to elders through schoolchildren. But some people continued with this habit. So we decided to try this.” She added that a fine of Rs. 100 is imposed on offenders and their water containers are seized.


[Feature Picture Courtesy: BBC]