Women-only-autos on priority list for new Gaziabad Police Chief

Autos specially for women

The new police chief of Gaziabad, K Sunil Emmanuel seems to have women safety topmost on his priority list. A 2003 batch IPS officer who was the SSP of Allahabad before joining to Ghaziabad, he has proposed a number of measures for making the city safer for women, which he elaborated in a detailed chat with TOI. These are the key points we learnt about his plans:

  • The first initiative in public transportation is going to be women-only autos, colour-coded to ferry. The places will be chosen according to the crowded spots by women passengers and more autos will run on them.
  • The next step is policing in the miffed spots where chain-snatching  through web-based crime mapping is rampant. Also installing more CCTV cameras is on the agenda.
  • Under his observation a review of the cyber crime cell of Ghaziabad had been conducted. He has designated some of the best in the team to be posted to the cyber cell, given the increasing cyber crime rate, from financial fraud to online cheating.
  • For rising crimes and to handle the situation using manpower, Police officers stationed at different police stations will be distributed as per of VIP duties, number of crimes and number of investigations. This analysis is the result of a manpower audit held by the DGP in January.

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With the confirmation from a higher authority, these measures will surely make Gaziabhad more women friendly.

Feature Image Credit: www.happykeys.com