“It Lowers Dignity Of Women”: NCW Chief Condemns Video Women MLAs Pulling Tractor

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Women MLAs Pulling Tractor: NCW chief Rekha Sharma condemned Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda for making female MLAs pull the tractor he was sitting on.

Sharma on Thursday said that if a man is sitting on a tractor and a woman is pulling it, it lowers the dignity of women. ” If women toil for livelihood, I’ve no problem. But if a man-a political leader, is sitting on tractor & a woman is pulling it, it lowers dignity of women & person on tractor,” she said.

She added that Hooda should have given it a thought. Sharma also addressed the women MLAs who were pulling the tractor and said,” If the women think they were made to do this forcibly, they can come to us but even if they’re doing it willingly, the one on the tractor should think that this shouldn’t be done. If we get a complaint, we’ll take action. Even if we don’t get a complaint, it’s condemnable.”

Women MLAs Pulling Tractor With BS Hooda On It

In a video, Hooda is seen sitting in the driver’s seat of a tractor while women MLAs of congress pulled the vehicle with ropes. The video was also condemned by Haryana Chief Minister Manoharlal Khattar.  He said that the treatment of women MLAs in that manner was worse than bonded labour. Khattar said that the video “pained” him and that he couldn’t sleep at night after watching it. “If they had to protest, women members should have been sitting on the tractor and their male counterparts should have pulled it. I could not sleep all night. You should be ashamed of yourself,” he told Hooda.

In his explanation, Bhupendra Singh Hooda said that the women were feeling the pinch of rising prices of cooking gas and fuel. He added,” The government has turned a blind eye to the pain of women who are sitting with farmers protesting on borders against farm laws. Power connections were cut at the protest site, you cannot see their pain.”

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