Women make up 22% of all CAs in India

Despite the reservations people have had in the past about women working in finance; the last few years have seen women hold top positions in the sector. From Arundhati Bhattacharya and Chanda Kochhar to Kaku Nakhate; most big financial institutes have a woman behind their steering wheel.


A recent report has revealed that women in the country are finally tapping their inner potential. According to the figures, 22% of all the registered Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI), are women. A report by The Economic Times states, the percentage of women enrolling for the Common Proficiency entrance test (CPT) at the ICAI has gone up by 50% in the past two years.


[Picture Courtesy: The People of Bihar]

K Raghu, president of ICA told The Economic Times, “There is a positive trend in the intake of all professional courses in general and more so in CA, because of high levels of employability it offers and its flexibility. Whenever the intake goes up, it is the women who contribute more to it.” Narayanan Ramaswamy, partner and head of education sector at KPMG added that the profession suits women, he feels: “The fact that one can get back to the profession even after a break, by staying updated, is increasing the interest for the course with women.”


A practicing CA, Sripriya K, proves his point. She is one of the 6 partners in a Chennai based firm and after taking a break she started her own firm and believes women are natural multi-taskers, which enable them to excel at in the profession. To assist and encourage more women in the sector, the ICAI has launched a work portal for women to find part time jobs, jobs with flexible working hours or jobs with work from home option.


ORIGINAL SOURCE: The Economic Times