Pink Toilets On Cards For Women, Kids In Karnataka

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Following the successful setting up of 'pink’ toilets in Delhi, the Karnataka government is looking to adopt the same model. These will cater to girls, women and children.


The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights had recommended that pink toilets be set up in Karnataka. The Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KCPCR) is working to implement the same

"The communication from the National Commission has reached us recently and we are working out ways to implement this,” a KCPCR official said. “We will communicate the need for having pink toilets to local bodies, departments concerned and also the state government,” said Kripa Alva, chairperson of KCPCR, New Indian Express reported.

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Speaking to NDTV, Alva said: "A set of guidelines that list out the requirements of a pink toilet have been sent to the district administrators, municipal commissioners, urban development ministers and department of women and child welfare. The ‘how’ and ‘when’ of the execution is entirely dependent on them. As elections are just round the corner, we have requested all political parties to include construction of pink toilets in their manifestos. We have not left a single stone unturned to encourage local administrations in addressing women’s health and hygiene. We will do our follow-ups regularly until we get our job done."

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The separate toilets model should include clean washrooms with proper lighting, easy signage, woman caretaker available 24/7, helpline numbers on boards, disabled-friendly ramps, private area for child care and availability of toilet location on apps.


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