Women Help Desks To Be Set Up In 15 Police Stations In Tiruchi District

gurgaon Women Help Desk
The Tiruchi district police are going to set up the Women Help Desks to address concerns raised by women and children with the help of the Nirbhaya Fund which is set up by the Central Government.

The Women Help Desks is going to be set up in Tiruchi also known as Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu to serve as the one-stop for grievance redressal of women through the policing system. The Tiruchi police officials spoke to The Hindu about their plans for setting up the Women Help Desk for women and children and said that there are five existing All-Women Police Stations out of the 15 total police stations.

The police officials said in the statement, “The desk would work round-the-clock and will assist the women in getting access to any help.”

All 15 police stations will be setting up the help desk with the assistance of the District Social Welfare Office. The Child Protection Officer will also have a meaningful contribution to the Women Help Desk alongside doctors and psychiatrists.

District Social Welfare Officer M. Thameemunisa said in her statement, “What happens usually is that if the police department receives a complaint, they have to reach out to us, or if we have to file complaints on violations such as child marriage, we have to write a letter to them. Now, the work will be done simultaneously.”

The Police officials added that the distressed women can also dial 181 to reach the help desk directly. The women officers would dress in civil clothes to resolve an issue if needed. All the 15 police stations would be provided with a laptop and a two-wheeler facility for the same purpose.

The Gurugram Police authorities have also announced their plans to set up an round the clock police desk especially for helping women. This step is taken to aid the distressed women and children in the area and furthermore strengthen the three existing police stations in Gurugram.