10 Unique E-Commerce Businesses Run By Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Shattering the glass ceiling every step of their way, women have emerged as key players in the business sector with superb aims to introduce innovation like never before.

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There has never been a more exciting time to be in the business industry, what with the flourishing scope of the market that today extends beyond mainstream products. All appliances, clothing, and cosmetic goods are open to the possibility of becoming something more unique than they already are. What's empowering, and also heartening, is that much of this space is occupied by women entrepreneurs who are leading the change through their unique businesses.


Shattering the glass ceiling every step of their way, women have emerged as key players in the business sector with superb aims to introduce innovation like never before. With a vast spread, these ventures are fast advancing towards growth. We bring you ten such women-led enterprises, each with unique approaches, that have carved a niche in the e-commerce space:

1. The Mush Room

The Mush Room is an Indian ArtWear/Streetwear label that is a visual experience with a funky, youthful style. The startup specialises in hand-painted and hand-crafted apparel. As the name suggests, it has been described as a mush of art and design found in apparel and collectibles.

Anushika Luthra, a graduate of SRCC, Delhi University, founded The Mush Room after two years of freelancing as a painter/designer/art director.


PAIO is a local homegrown name that creates cruelty-free, sustainable, and conscious fashion with strong design elements. It is a PETA-approved vegan brand that focuses on using materials like faux-leather, hemp, cotton, jute, etc. The platform provides sustenance to skilled karigars at the grassroots, who have been trained through generations in the art of handmade products.


Founded by Shweta Nimkar, whose love for shoes began as a doodle project, this hobby-turned-passion for textiles, leather, and shoes has grown into a strong business.

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THERE! is a denim apparel brand comprising garments and accessories made using denim fabric. They design and create denim clothes in a way that suits multiple occasions. They intend to be the one-stop shop for everything denim built upon reliability. Their pieces are wearable in different ways over & over again.

It was founded in 2018 by Ankita Bansal, of Netflix's Indian Matchmaking fame, along with her sister Gayatri. Ankita has seven years of work experience in both, corporate & creative fields.

Watch Ankita's interview on SheThePeople's Sisterhood With Shaili here: 


4. MeMeraki

MeMeraki is a brand that promotes Indian heritage and traditional Indian arts to thrive using technology, modern products, and storytelling. It creates artisanal hand-painted handbags and also gives a platform to village artists to teach their art globally through online art workshops.

Yosha Gupta, a Non-Resident Indian, founded Meraki. She has also worked across Asia as a digital consultant for the World Bank Group and was the founder of a cashback app.

5. A Toddler Thing 

A Toddler Thing is an Indian brand that aims at revolutionising the art of modern-day parenting. Their unique baby care products ranging from cloth diapers to newborn essentials that are eco-friendly. They are dedicated to creating a culture of sustainable living for new parents and the environment.


The brand was founded by engineer-turned-entrepreneur, Swathi Sri Aravind, a new-age mom who believes in driving a change that impacts the lives of mothers and babies in India.

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6. Purple Panchi

Purple Panchi is a premium Indian ethnic wear label made using handcrafted arts & crafts such as Tie-Dye, Bandhani, hand embroideries, Khari Printing, etc. According to the website, the brand stands for creating ethical fashion that pays a fair price to all the artisans involved & is cognizant of the resources it consumes.

Sahana Goel is the current CEO of Purple Panchi. Her expertise lies in revenue management, including product development, pricing strategies, customer experience, etc.

7. Knick Knack Nook 

Knick Knack Nook is an Indian fashion accessories brand, facilitating the expression of the young Indian spirit through vibrant designs. It is a digital-first brand for millennials who aspire to reinvent their personal style through fashion on a budget. Their products have in the past been styled by A-list actresses including Sonam Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan, and Dia Mirza.

The brand was founded by Vrinda Dube, a first-generation entrepreneur, at the age of 22. She is an alumna of the London Business School and the University of Delhi.

8. Early Foods 

Early Foods manufactures premium organic foods for babies, toddlers, pregnant, and breastfeeding mothers. Their mission is to bring back traditional superfoods like millets, dry fruits, seeds in the form of porridges, cookies, teething sticks & health drinks for their little customers.

It was founded in 2015 by Shalini Santhosh Kumar, to help kids eat well. She also creates content to help new parents with baby food recipes, diet, and mindful parenting.

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9. Nabhi Sutra

Nabhi Sutra is India's first belly button oil brand that heals via the navel. It aims at creating fine quality, pure and natural oils as per ayurvedic practices and guidelines. According to the website, all products are FDA certified. The range comprises solutions for brain development, acne, hair, skincare, menstrual pain relief, and joint pain relief.

Swati Vakharia, a strong believer in home remedies started Nabhi Sutra. She also owns an IT firm and has been in digital marketing for over 14 years now.

10. Whyte Farms

Whyte Farms offers a farm to home service of fresh organic milk and dairy products. They aim to bring organic, unadulterated milk back inside households. Customers can order via their app and receive their fresh produce early the next morning in ecologically sustainable glass bottles.

The brand was co-founded by Kanika Yadav, who grew up close to nature. She soon became a connoisseur of all that was produced naturally and tasted good.

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