Women In Agartala Make Candles For Diwali, Hoping Their Business Will Revive

A group of 20-25 women in Agartala are making candles hoping to revive their business this Diwali.

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A group of over 20 women in Agartala are hoping to revive their business this Diwali by making candles. COVID-19 had turned out to be a nightmare for many people across the globe, more so for people who are involved in small businesses. These women in Agartala are optimistic that the increased demand for candles during Diwali will help them boost their business.


A worker told ANI, "There is a huge demand for candles ahead of Diwali, we hope to sell all our products. We are giving extra time to fulfil the customers' demand." These women started this candle business in a small room with some of them being trained candle makers.

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What You Should Know

  • A group of women in Agartala are making candles hoping to revive their business this Diwali.
  • The women are working extra hours to meet customers' demands.
  • 10-15 women are working daily to produce 1-1.5 quintal candles per day.

The Candle Making Business

This candle manufacturing unit in Agartala was the brainchild of Sudhan Banerjee, who started it 30 years ago in Joynagar area with the local women as workers. Purnima Deb, a worker for over 20 years in the candle manufacturing unit, said, "During the festive season we have more work. With the income, I bore the expense of my daughter's marriage, son's education besides running my family."

Another worker Khuku Rani Das said that around the festivities and especially around Diwali they have been quite occupied due to the high demand for candles. She further added that during the lockdown they did not make candles and thus there was no stock as they had apprehensions that due to the pandemic this year's celebration won't take place.

Presently, 20 to 25 women are regularly working in the unit beside two others who look after marketing.


Women Reviving Their Small Businesses

The current pandemic has shattered businesses across the globe and small businesses experienced the worst wrath, but there are women who are trying to use this festive season as an opportunity to boost up their businesses. Rural women in Rajasthan are selling diyas and earning money to be independent. Read more about it here.

Another such example of women reviving their small business is of Surabhi Jaju of Rustic Art. The pandemic had an impact on her small business but she along with her mother turned the challenges into opportunities. Read about Surabhi Jaju's journey here.

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