Women Constables Get Active Traffic Duty In Noida For The First Time

"Friday was the first time women personnel took charge as traffic enforcement officials on the ground," Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Rajesh said.

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The women constables in Noida are now being allotted traffic duties Noida. The traffic department of the city has deployed women traffic constables on active duty, starting Friday.


A total of six constables- Akshita (29), Sangeeta (27), Aruna (27), Priyanka (30), Neelam (34) and Antim (29), took an oath to continue their duties in the traffic enforcement NDTV reported. This is a landmark move, letting these women report on the field for the first time, upgraded from the desk work, the officials said.

The district has 405 constables, of which only six women personnel volunteered to join the traffic department. 15 women personnel are already deployed in Gautam Buddh Nagar Traffic Police but for desk job. On Friday, four of them became the first women personnel from Traffic Police to guard the roads in the city, officials said.

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Out of the six, four are preparing to be trained under the supervision of a head constable. The other two will be deployed soon. “I joined the police department nearly four years ago and came to the traffic department almost a year ago. All of us are working together and we are equipped for issuing fines also," 29-year-old Akshita Agarwal, one of the four constables, told Hindustan Times. "Today, we were in the sectors 15A to 18 belt and depending on further instructions, we will continue with our assignments,” she added excitedly.

What You Should Know

  • For the first time in UP's Noida city, women constables have taken charge of traffic duty.
  • A total of six constables have volunteered for the traffic enforcement duty.
  • Until now, the women personnel were allotted desk jobs.

"Friday was the first time women personnel took charge as traffic enforcement officials on the ground. Four of them were deployed at the Sector 1 roundabout, near Sector 15 metro station, and they did a fine job," Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Rajesh S told PTI.

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Adding that, until now, the women personnel were allotted desk jobs only, the officer quipped, "I was thinking why they cannot be put on enforcement duty. Today, we have women in India flying fighter jets and certainly, traffic regulation duty is not that difficult. When the idea was floated, they got excited and opted for the new role and they are doing well."

He also confirmed that before these constables were sent on the ground for duty, they were trained in proper defence tactics and equipped with skills to navigate the challenges associated with this profile.

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