Women constables struggle for basic facilities

Public hygiene facilities for women in the country are in insignificant numbers and of subordinate quality. Women everywhere in the country, in urban and rural areas, are forced to urinate and defecate in the open. Women cops in India are no exception to this.


According to a report by Times of India, women police constables face this issue on daily basis. The report states, that the constables are often deployed for VIP security duty for a long period on the street.  On occasions these women are left with no option but to sleep on pavements or around roadside restaurants while they wait for the police vehicles to pick them up.


International research organization conducted a research on Tamil Nadu’s women police officers and it was found that compared to 40% policemen, 54% women constables faced stress on daily basis. Out of the 15, 000 women on duty many suffer from dehydration and urinary infection because they avoid drinking water due to lack of available facilities.


[Picture Courtesy: IndiaTV]

A woman constable told Times of India, “Often, we request nearby hotels, restaurants and houses to let us use their toilets. Some hotels refuse permission saying it will be an inconvenience to their guests. We have no other alternative but to grin and bear the insult.” Another constable stated, “Some police officers act indifferently when women seek permission to use the toilet during their periods. They do not understand our problem.”


Their three-hour long shift on the road easily extends to six to seven hours when VIPs are visiting; as a result they are unable to use washrooms for hours. This affects their health severely.