It is no secret that IITs in India have male students in much higher numbers than female students. It is however, not just Indian Institutes of Technology, most engineering colleges in India, and around the world, have very few women students. Many studies have shown that women are often discouraged from pursuing an education in STEM fields but according to recent findings, women in the country have a reason to smile.


During job placements at IIT Bombay recently, a woman student was amongst the three students who received the highest pay packages. According to a report by Times of India, two women from the same campus were also recruited by tech giant Facebook. But it is not just IIT Bombay, at IIT Kharagpur too, out of three highest paying jobs, one was taken by a woman.


The report also stated that the total number of placements was higher this year. But considering the low number of female students in colleges, the odds of women getting the best offers is relatively low. Most IIT campuses however, reported women grabbing some of the top offers.


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A student, who was recruited for a job in San Francisco, told Times of India, “This is the main reason why lesser numbers of girls manage to get top deals. This year, we have only five girls in the batch and most of them managed a good deal. At IIT-Delhi, women have done better this year than 2013. ” Deepali Adlakha, IIT Bombay was one of the few lucky ones to get an offer from Facebook. The report stated that she was offered 1.42 crores for the job.