Five Women Officers Granted Time Scale Colonel Rank

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Women Army Officers Colonel Rank:  A selection board of the Indian Army has cleared the way for promotion of five women officers to the rank of Colonel (Time Scale). This promotion came after they completed 26 years of service.

It has never happened before that women officers serving with the Corps of Signals, the Corps of Engineers and Corps of Electronic and Mechanical Engineers (EME) have been approved to the rank of Colonel. Their names are Lt Col Sangeeta Sardana from Signals, Lt Col Sonia Anand and Lt Col Navneet Duggal from EME and Lt Col Reenu Khanna and Lt Col Ritcha Sagar from the Engineers, as per sources.

Previously, promotion to the rank of Colonel was restricted to women officers in the Army Medical Corps (AMC), Judge Advocate General (JAG) and the Army Education Corps (AEC). In fact, the first woman officer who ever got promoted to the rank of Colonel belongs to Judge Advocate General.

“The widening of promotion avenues to more branches of the Indian Army is a sign of increasing career opportunities for women officers. Combined with the decision to grant permanent commission to women officers from a majority of branches of the Indian Army, this step defines the Indian Army’s approach towards a gender-neutral Army,” the statement said.

Women are making great strides in Indian Army. It recently inducted its first batch of 83 women soldiers from the Corps of Military Police Centre and School into the Indian Army at the Dronacharya Parade Ground in Bengaluru.  An attestation parade was held for the first batch of women soldiers. Read more about it here

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