Australian Woman With Two Vaginas And Uteruses Delivers A Healthy Baby

Woman With Two Vaginas
A team of doctors was left stunned when a woman with two vaginas and uteruses delivered a healthy baby. 31-year-old Evelyn from Australia has two vaginas and two uteruses which means she has two sets of fallopian tubes and ovary enabling her to carry two babies in any one of them at the same time.

Evelyn is a nurse by training. She is suffering from a disease called uterus didelphys which affects about 1 in 3,000 women worldwide.  The former sex worker kept mum about her condition for a long time as she hesitated to reveal it to anyone. One of her clients was a gynaecologist and the whole thing turned into a medical exam for her, as per a report.

Other complications

The fact that she has two vaginas and uteruses gave birth to a host of other problems as well. For instance, she struggles with tracking ovulation as  it is challenging for doctors to determine if both her ovaries release an egg each month or if they alternate. She has an extra reproductive tract which means her abdominal cavity doesn’t have enough space for a foetus to grow. Her partner’s low sperm count added to her woes. Keeping all the factors in mind, doctors had suggested them to try IVF and prepare for premature delivery.

During pregnancy

However, Evelyn got pregnant naturally. This was just after a few months of trying. They made use of her right vagina when trying to conceive. To avoid any complications, Evelyn took a lot of rest during her pregnancy and went for two doctor appointments every week. The unique think about her pregnancy was the fact that her bump grew on one side. She could obviously not give birth naturally as the baby would get stuck as there’s a wall left and right vaginas.

Post delivery

She made it to her scheduled 37-week c-section. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy who weighed about 5 lbs, 3 oz. Her son is now seven weeks old and healthy.