Woman who accused India’s top judge of harassment pulls out of probe

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A woman who accused India’s top judge of sexual harassment has pulled out of probe. She alleged that the panel comprising three SC judges investigating did not conform to the Vishaka guidelines, which deal with procedures to be followed in a complaint of sexual harassment. She reportedly said was unhappy at being denied assistance of her lawyer Vrinda Grover and felt intimidated when facing the panel of judges investigating the case.

“Please do not forget that I belong to the Scheduled Caste and therefore the challenge to achieve something in life is much more daunting,” she said while demanding audio-video recording of proceedings, assistance of her lawyer and complaining about not being given a copy of the minutes of the proceedings of April 26 and 29 by the in-house panel.

She claimed all her demands were rejected by the committee which, in turn, told her that it was “neither an in-house committee proceeding nor a proceeding under the Vishaka guidelines” and that it was an “informal proceeding”.

“I felt I was not likely to get justice from this committee and so I am no longer participating in the three-judge committee proceedings,” said a press release mailed to the media from advocate Prashant Bhushan’s office. The media was informed that for further information they should contact complainant’s lawyer Grover.

When asked about witnesses, she said almost all the witnesses were working in the Supreme Court and were not keen to speak up and support her case.