Woman Use Matrimonial Site For Her Benefit, But Not To Find Groom, Then What?

Woman Use Matrimonial Site For Job
Indians are known to do things their way. In case something is not working out they will find a way out to get things done. That is what a woman has done. She used a matrimonial site for her own advantage but not to find an eligible bachelor for herself. She did it to advance well ahead in her career.

One of the woman’s friends posted on Linkedin how she is using the matrimony site for her benefit. A user named Ashveen Bansal wrote a post, which talks about a story that sounds funny and impressive at the same time. He shared how his friend is using the platform to compare the salary structures offered by companies. Bansal wrote in the viral post, “So a friend told me she is using Jeevansathi.com to see compensation of different companies through people’s profiles and then applying there.”

Woman Use Matrimonial Site For Job

In the comment section, Bansal further clarified that his friend looks for people with the same YoE (years of experience) and checks their current CTC to know what goes in the market trend.

Since the post was shared it received over 35,000 likes and more than 150 reposts. Soon the comments started pouring in on the post. A few had a negative opinion about it but many found it an innovative idea.

A user said in the comment section, “Innovative thinking. She is going to do wonders. One filter two goals: find a high-earning husband + get yourself a high-paying job.”

Another spoke about how this idea could be another product. He said, “Wondering if Jeevansathi.com can actually monetize this data – maybe ask people registered (and non-paying) to pay every time they want to see it?” “We knew people were using FB and other social for dating. Now, this is a new use of matrimony sites this could be a very good data point if they had not put fake salary to look good in the marriage market”, added a user.

Another user candidly said, “ab kya bole….log kitna bhi neeche ja skte to see compensation (Can do anything for compensation).” To which, a user encountered, “Donno why many people here in the comments section spreading hatred against a good idea. She might have used it to find compensation which only means she is thinking out of the box. Not that her character is bad or something. Come on people if u can’t come up with out-of-the-box thinking don’t spread hatred.”

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