Woman Steals Cash, Valuables From Husband’s Home; Elopes To Be With Ex-Boyfriend

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In India, there is no dearth of bizarre stories about marriages or deception. One such case came to light in a satellite town in Bihar where a woman stole cash, and jewellery and eloped from her husband’s house to begin a new life with her boyfriend. It is even more astounding that the couple were in a relationship and had fought with their families to get married.

The incident was reported from a small town near Patna called Naubatpur where the couple, identified as Satyanand and Rani Kumari, held a wedding in nearly 45 days ago.

Woman Steals From Husband, Elopes

Reportedly, Rani Kumari broke the locks on the safe and fled with Rs 20,000 cash, mangal sutra and the jewellery she received at the time of the wedding when her husband was sleeping. The husband approached the police and narrated the entire ordeal.

The couple, according to the reports, had met nearly two years ago and they instantly felt a connection. The couple who “fell in love” would speak over phone calls through the night. However, things entered troubled waters when their parents objected to their relationship. The couple, however, touted that they couldn’t live without each other and subsequently were married off with much fair and pomp on April 27 this year.

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Kumari, since she reached her husband’s house after the marriage, had started distancing from him. He told the police that he had noticed she would speak to another man during the night. Upon confrontation, she revealed that she does not want to live with Satyanand but with another man. After an altercation one particular night, she stole the cash and valuables and fled.

According to a report in a leading daily, the husband later learnt that she was still in love with her ex-boyfriend and had eloped to be with him shortly after her marriage. Based on the husband’s statement, a case has been registered with Naubatpur police.

MP Man Hides Information About Third Wife

In another bizarre case, a government employee from Madhya Pradesh came under the scanner for concealing information about his third wife. The officials got to know he had three wives after investigation since all three of them were going to contest in Phase 2 of the upcoming panchayat elections in the state.

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