Woman Says Man Sexually Assaulted Her On Flight

Aerocity hotel executive molested

Another incident of a harassment on a fight has surfaced. A woman on a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Detroit said that a male passenger sexually assaulted her while she slept. The assailant is an Indian man, Prabhu Ramamoorthy, who was on a travel visa to the US.

The woman, who is 22 years old, said she was sleeping in the window seat, and awoke to find her pants and shirt unbuttoned. She said that he was shoving his “fingers in her genitals and vigorously moving them”. He didn’t stop until she woke up fully. He did this sitting between the victim and his wife.

The woman reported the incident to flight attendants who gave her a different seat. The man was arrested once the plane landed.

Ramamoorthy later told an FBI agent that he ‘might have’ undone (the woman’s) bra while playing with it, and that he had cupped her (clothed) breast.” He also told authorities that he attempted to put his finger in her vagina “but was not successful”.

His wife is also colluding with him to cover up his actions. Ramamoorthy had worked as a project manager at a technology group for two and a half years. His lawyer said that there has never been inappropriate behaviour before this.

A spokesman for Spirit said that the airlines was cooperating with the law on the incident.

Other incidents of sexual harassment on flights

There have been many horrific incidents of sexual assault on airlines of late. On Dec 9, 2017, Zaira Wasim, the Dangal actor took a Delhi-Mumbai flight. She alleged that a man onboard the flight tried to molest her by keeping his foot by the side of her seat. After the incident spread in the media, Mumbai police registered a case against the accused. Vistara Airlines, by which the actor was travelling, apologised to her for the unfortunate event

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