US Woman Recovers Lost Wedding Ring From 20 Tonnes Of Trash

With the help of sanitation workers who sifted through 20 tonnes of garbage, a US woman could reunite with her wedding ring which her husband accidentally threw in the trash.

Tanya Savkoor
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woman loses wedding ringin trash recovered

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A woman from Windham, New Hampshire in the US took the help of sanitation workers to recover her lost wedding ring, which her husband had allegedly thrown in the trash by accident. Reports state that the sanitation workers had to sift through 20 tonnes, approximately 18,100kg of the city's garbage to locate the ring. The woman expressed that she was ever-grateful for the swift action of the sanitation workers who were able to help her reunite with her wedding ring. 


The woman was saddened to find that her wedding ring, the symbol of her commitment to her husband, was lost in the trash. She immediately made a panicked call to the Windham Department of Public Works, whose director assured that they would help her find it, and they sure did. The department's director, Dennis Senibaldi said that the woman was "very happy" to be one with her ring again.

The Search For Her Ring

According to a local media channel, WHDH TV, the woman called Windham Public Works asking for help to relocate her wedding ring, and soon after, they connected her to Director Dennis Senibaldi who jumped right into the action. Senibaldi told WHDH TV, “She gave me some particulars: at what time her husband threw the trash out, what was in the trash bag, what kind of car he was driving.”

Senibaldi almost cracked the case of the missing wedding ring from the first scoop. "I knew where exactly on the floor it was, but there's still a lot of stuff to go through. It's like trying to find one specific leaf in a pile of leaves because everything looks the same," Senibaldi told WDHD TV.

To find the correct bag, Senibaldi and his team of sanitation workers had to go through 12 feet of trash bags, which equated to 18,100 kg of garbage. But thanks to Senibaldi's quick thinking, the ring was located about two hours later. "I grabbed the ring, brought it up, cleaned it up for her, and called her up," Sendibaldi said. "She was heartbroken on Wednesday and more than ecstatic on Friday."

Senibaldi revealed that they get cases of missing personal belongings a lot of times and therefore he was determined that she could find it. He said. “I know this seems to be continuously happening. It is getting a little crazy.” According to reports, this was the third time in two years that the Windham Public Works department had to lead a search for a missing ring.

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