A mother of two in the state of Karnataka has reportedly pawned her gold mangalsutra to buy a television set for her children so that they can attend their on-air classes amid COVID-19. The woman’s name is Kasturi who is a resident of Radder Naganur village in Gadag district. She has a daughter who studies in class nine and a son in eighth grade. She received 20,000 rupees as a mortgage value for her mangalsutra and bought the television set for rupees 14,000.

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The Karnataka Government had recently announced that the government-run channels will telecast educational programmes so that children without smartphones could continue their education. Subsequently, Kasturi’s children were asked by their teachers at their government school to watch the lessons on government-run Chandana channel.

What you should know?

  • A mother of two in Karnataka has reportedly pawn her mangalsutra to buy television set so that her children could study.
  • She is a resident of Radder Naganur village in Gadag district.
  • She could raise an amount of 20,000 by mortgaging her mangalsutra. She bought a television set for 14,000 and saved the rest for household expenses.  
  • The pawnbroker has decided to return Kasturi’s mangalsutra when he learnt the reason why she pawned it. 

However, Kasturi did not have a television set at home. She and her husband are daily wage labourers. Due to the pandemic and the lockdown, they are left without money and job.

Earlier, she used to send her children to the neighbour’s house to watch the programmes. But, as she told ANI, she cannot send her children to neighbour’s house every day. Moreover, Kasturi told a local media, as quoted by HT,  that the neighbours wanted to watch other channels because of which the children missed their classes.

“So, unable to see them struggle and since we want to provide a good education to our children, I decided to pledge my mangalasutra to buy a TV,” she added.

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Kasturi could raise an amount of 20,000 for her mangalsutra. She used 14,000 rupees out of it to purchase a television set while saved the rest for the household expenses. Expressing her satisfaction, Kasturi said, “Now, my kids can study at home itself.” Moreover, her elated children remarked that they did not have a television set at home for several months. Now that they finally have it, they promised to work and study hard and get a bigger mangalsutra for their mother.

The incident has attracted the attention and assistance from the Karnataka government. The in-charge of Gadaj district minister CC Patil has told HT that the government has taken note of Kasturi predicament and will offer help. In fact, the pawnbroker who gave money to Kasturi, on coming to know the reason why she pawned her mangalsutra, has decided to return it back to her.

Image Credit: ANI/ Youtube screenshot

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