Gujarat Woman Kills 2-Year-Old Son To Unite With Lover

In Surat, Gujarat, a mother killed her two-and-a-half-year-old son to be with her lover. She claimed that she watched the Drishyam movie to escape arrest.

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Despite content and trigger warnings added to films, criminal cases where offenders take inspiration from films don’t seem to cease. In Surat, Gujarat, a mother killed her two-and-a-half-year-old son and watched the Bollywood remake of Drishyam to escape arrest.

Drishyam, originally a Malayalam film, features a father going to extreme ends to protect his daughter, who accidentally kills a police officer’s son after he misbehaves with her.

Woman Kills Son For Lover

Mandavi, a construction labourer in the Dindoli area of Surat, allegedly watched the film numerous times before killing her son Veer. She then disposed of the body in a pit dug at the construction site for a toilet and reported a missing person to the police.

When the police began investigating the disappearance of the child, Mandavi initially claimed that she suspected that her lover might have kidnapped him. However, the police became suspicious of her story and arrested her.

On further investigation, the woman told the police that she had buried the body in a pit, but nothing was found in the given location. Later, she claimed that she had disposed of the body in a pond, but the police couldn’t find it there either.

The woman confessed that she was originally from Jharkhand and was in a relationship with a man there. The man had refused to accept her along with her child. In order to be accepted by her lover, she killed her own son and hid his body.


She claimed that she watched the Dhrishyam movie several times to help her understand how to hide a body. Finally, she confessed that she had killed her son Veer to be with her lover. She also admitted that she had taken inspiration from the film Dhrishyam, where the protagonist uses knowledge of police procedure and forensic science to help evade arrest.

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Drishyam Gujarat Woman Woman Kills Son For Lover