Went For A Lamp, Woman Reveals Shopping Receipt Taller Than Herself

Sharing a picture of herself within the store of the Swedish brand IKEA's Hyderabad outlet, Sameera Khan showcased a receipt that nearly matched her height.

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Sameera Khan's receipt turned out as long as herself at IKEA. Image Credits: Sameer's Twitter.

Sharing a picture of herself in the store of the Swedish brand IKEA's Hyderabad outlet, Sameera Khan showcased a receipt that nearly matched her height.


Crazy Shopping Spree

Khan, who holds the position of People Success Lead at inFeedo and manages a café named 'Goldspot' in Goa, posted an image of herself on social media website X, formerly Twitter, striking a pose alongside the receipt. The document seemed to surpass her in height.

The tweet which has gained widespread attention across the internet, revealed her initial intention of purchasing a single lamp from IKEA. However, her shopping outing turned into an extensive spree, resulting in the acquisition of numerous items from the furniture store.

The Twitter Post

On Twitter, Khan recounted her visit to IKEA, where she ended up purchasing everything except the one item she needed the most. Her tweet read, 'Went to IKEA to buy ONE lamp. Forgot to buy the lamp.'

After the post went viral, several users on social media expressed their amusing views through comments.


One user humorously stated, 'People will criticise, but this is totally relatable.' Another comment read, 'Both IKEA and DMart have this effect. You walk in for one thing and leave with everything else.'

While a third user offered, 'I've got a brand-new lamp from IKEA that I never used. You can have it at a discounted price,' a fourth individual pointed out, 'Impressive, the bill is practically towering over you.' Certain users even characterized this phenomenon as a case of affluent individuals' issues.

Not The First Time

Interestingly, this is not the first time IKEA has garnered attention for an unplanned shopping spree. A YouTube content creator named Ishan Sharma shared his own encounter at an IKEA store in Bengaluru. Initially, Sharma intended to purchase just five items, but he ultimately ended up spending a significant sum of Rs 80,000 after being enticed by the appeal of 78 different products.

Sharma justified his shopping spree by attributing it to the strategic tactics employed by the furniture giant. Khan's experience and Sharma's story together reflect the captivating and irresistible allure of an IKEA shopping excursion.


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