Indian-Origin Woman Gives Birth To First Digitally Monitored Twins

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An Indian-origin woman has become the world’s first woman to give birth to twins monitored by a digital growth chart. The 37-year-old, Mala Vast Dhuri, gave birth to twin boys in London, after doctors scanned the development of her babies against growth charts designed specifically for the twins.

The chart means that doctors can track the development of twins against what is normal for twins rather than single births. Earlier, doctors had to use their own judgement while analysing twins’ growth.

“This resulted in an ‘over-diagnosis’ of growth problems. It meant babies were often being delivered too early,” said Dr Asma Khalil, consultant obstetrician based at St George Hospital in south London. Dr Khalil said if doctors had used the singleton chart to monitor Mala, the twins could have been delivered two to three weeks early.

It is riskier to compare twins to single babies as it could lead to stillbirths, premature births and disabilities.

“I am over the moon to meet my gorgeous little boys. Thanks to St George’s for ensuring their safe arrival,” Dhuri said.

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She had a Caesarian delivery to give birth to identical boys named Kiaan and Kush, who weighed 2 kg and 2.1 kg respectively.

The UK’s Twins and Multiple Births Association raised money for the project to create the charts using 10,000 scans of twins. Khalil said that this kind of technology could save thousands of babies that would have otherwise not survived. Stillbirths for single babies has declined in the recent years, she said. However, stillbirth rates in multiple birth babies increased by around 10% between 2013 and 2015.”

Doctors are hopeful that this will be a path-breaking technology that will aid in delivering multiple birth babies.

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