Woman Earning 4 LPA Seeks Groom With 1 Cr Salary & People Are Furious

A Mumbai woman's expectations of a groom with a crore-plus income, when she herself earns 4 LPA, has got netizens furious and talking with some backing her stance while others highlighting hypocrisy.

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Arranged marriages and the matrimonial realm in our country are often twisted arrangements for deciding a life partner. While the conventional ways are slowly evolving, many individuals are now finding their potential partners on their own. This forage of expectations and scrabbling around to find 'the one' has sparked bizarre headlines and lit the internet abuzz.ย 


One such case is of this Mumbai woman's expectations from her potential groom which has dropped the jaws of many as her list of expectations has now gone viral on social media sparking a debate. A woman's expectations of a groom with a crore-plus income, when she herself earns 4 LPA, has got netizens furious and talking with some backing her stance while others highlighting hypocrisy.

Woman Earning 4 LPA Seeks Husband With At Least A Crore Salary

A snapshot post on X (formerly Twitter) is now going viral that states a 37-year-old woman from Mumbai with a 4 LPA income is searching for a husband with at least a crore plus salary per annum and many more expectations listed in a WhatsApp text that is now going viral.ย 

X user Amber shared the snapshot translated from Marathi to English that read as the woman has been working in Mumbai for 10+ years she is seeking a husband who has their own house in the metro city and must be a surgeon, CA, or at any senior positions designation at a firm or a company. The woman also expressed her expectations that the man must settle abroad in some European country, preferably Italy.

The post skyrocketed to go viral on X on April 2, since it was posted with over 556.8k likes, 638ย  reshares, and 300+ comments discussing the issue as the woman's expectations from the potential groom shocked the internet.ย 


How Did X Users React?

In the post shared by X user Amber_SIFF_MRA another X user who claims to be a sister whose brother received the same proposal took it to their handles to share the dynamics of matrimonial setups in urban cities of India, attracting widespread online discussions.

A user sharing statistics stated that the woman has a 0.01% chance of finding her "dream man" with a 1CR+ salary at her age as India has only 1.7L individuals earning that high salary.ย 


Another user backed the woman's choice and everyone having a right to their preferences, as they wrote: "Nothing wrong in this. Everyone has a right to choose. She has the right to choose her groom. Likewise, men have the right to reject her." Debating on the same thread when another user questioned this statement with "If a guy says he wants a virgin wife. Is that his right too???" to which the same X user replied "1000%".

Another user highlighted the possibility of such profiles being made by parents with sky-high expectations, as they shared personal experiences in the so-called "marriage market" and shared their cousin turning 40 but has left the will to get married because of such "tendency."


Backing the woman's choice few X users wrote about her confidence and woman being honest and transparent instead of deceiving someone on the pretext of being someone she is not just for her personal gains. Few users appreciated the woman's honesty as they wrote:ย 

While many other users claimed the woman's intentions for a lumpsum "alimony" after divorce and "financial debts" a user suggested that if she finds a man like this he must make her first sign a legal document not asking for alimony as they wrote: "The groom should also say okay fine I'm ready to marry, but if things don't work out then you'll not ask for alimony and get it signed on some paper in the presence of some lawyer!!!!"
Other users pointed out that these expectations are a "mirror of dowry" while a user degraded two women in their comment as they wrote: "She better look like Jaqueline Fernandez" suggesting the conman Suresh Chandrasekhar's case while many others stated that she is looking for "sugar daddy."ย 

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