Woman Drowns After Filming Rising Floodwater During Tennessee Flood

tennessee flood ,Tennessee woman drowns while filming
A 55-year-old woman drowned while filming rising floodwater in her area as murky brown water rushed by outside of the house she was trapped in. The horrifying 70-seconds video is evidence of the destruction caused by the unfortunate Tennessee flood prevailing now.

Trigger warning: This article contains graphic details.

Seconds before being swept to death, the Facebook video filmed by the deceased showed surge past her house.

The Facebook video has garnered over 39,000 views as of now. According to the same, she is heard saying, “We are being flooded right now. Really scary, Oh my goodness!” Another voice is heard, saying that they think something hit the side of the house, this voice is assumed to be the woman’s son. Later, her daughter, Victoria told the Washington Post, the house “was lifted off its foundation” and the two were swept into the water.

Victoria added that her late brother and mother held on to a utility pole to save themselves, however, let go when they saw a house floating towards them. Although her brother was saved after being pulled briefly from under the water, their mother was gone.

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Apart from the deceased, other 21 casualties have been reported due to the Tennessee flood. Experts have linked the flood with the human-caused climate crisis which has also resulted in stronger and more frequent hurricanes in the US, wildfires in western states among others.

Victoria added, “My brother went down for about 45 seconds underwater and when he came back up, he couldn’t find mom. That was when they let go. It was the last time he saw her.”

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