This Gujarat woman will never forget the night she gave birth in an ambulance. Crippling with fear the unnamed woman delivered a baby in the area of Gir Somnath in an ambulance after midnight, but the vehicle was surrounded by lions and the vicinity was deserted. The pregnant woman had called the 108 emergency ambulance after she realized she was in labour.

According to a DNA report, the incident happened on the night of May 20. The ambulance was taking the woman to the hospital near Bhakha village but failed to do so as they were surrounded by four lions blocking the vehicle’s passage. Having left with no option, the woman had to deliver the baby in the ambulance under the supervision of the emergency staff present there.

Key Takeaways:

  • The woman from Gujarat’s Bhakha village delivered a healthy baby in the ambulance on her way to the hospital while in Gir Somnath the vehicle was surrounded by a pride of lions.
  • She gave birth under the supervision of the emergency staff present in the vehicle.
  • The lions were present near the ambulance for at least 20 more minutes, states the report

The baby is healthy now, so is the mother, noted the emergency staff. According to the reports, a pride of lions took over the road for more than 20 minutes. Gradually, they disappeared and the vehicle reached the hospital where the mother and the baby are currently admitted.

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This wasn’t the first time

On May 10, another woman had reportedly delivered triplets under similar circumstances in Khambha taluka in Amreli district, Gujarat. According to a TOI report, Govind Bambhania, an emergency medical technician in a 108 ambulance, with the help of a gynaecologist managed to help the woman deliver her babies. He followed the instructions given by the doctor in an ambulance under similar circumstances.

In July 2017, a woman identified as Makuben Makwana had delivered a baby in the ambulance, on its way to hospital reports PTI. The lions had blocked the way in Gir forest and the paramedic staff had to take charge. As per reports, the emergency technician was on a call with the physician and followed the directions to conduct the delivery. Chetan Gaadhe, the emergency management executive said, “Though Jadav, who is a local and understood the behaviour of lions, tried to scare them away, the lions refused to budge. Some of them even sat in front of the vehicle, blocking its passage.” While the woman was giving birth Jadav was monitoring the movement of the ‘curious’ lions.

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