Woman Clears Blocked Road To Rush Father To Hospital

Woman clears blocked road

A 40-year-old woman in Mysuru has proved the adage — where there’s will, there’s a way — true. She was rushing her 75-year-old injured father to a hospital when she saw the road blocked by an uprooted tree. Instead of panicking and trying other roads, KR Kavitha cleared the tree from the spot. The incident occurred on July 19.

What happened?

Kavitha was going to the hospital when she saw that the road to the hospital in Sakleshpur town had been blocked by an uprooted tree. Although an alternative road was available, she knew that it was full of potholes and slush and would worsen her injured father’s condition.

In a hurry to reach the hospital quickly, she didn’t waste a minute, and took the responsibility to clear the road herself.

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Kavitha got down from her car and rushed to a coffee planter’s house, reported TOI. She borrowed a hacksaw from him and cleared the road within 20 minutes.

She then hurried towards the hospital. Her father is recovering at the hospital now.

Chronic road problem

Kavitha is Arkalgud town’s panchayat engineer. Her parents reside in Konthanamane village, approximately 43 km from Sakleshpur.

Narrating the incident, she said, “My father KS Ramachandra hurt his leg after a fall on Tuesday (July 17). He had fractured the same leg a few years ago. As the mobile connectivity in the village is poor, my mother couldn’t contact me. When I got to know about it on Thursday, I rushed to the village. There are two roads to reach my house from the main road. On my way home, I took the first one filled with slush and potholes. I got a mattock and repaired the road.”

“Keeping my father’s condition in mind, I decided to take the second road while going to the hospital. After travelling for 2 km, I noticed an uprooted tree on the road. Since it was a narrow stretch, I couldn’t risk reversing the vehicle. So I decided to cut the tree with the help of my cousin and the coffee plantation owner.”

T Guruprasad, resident of Hettur in Sakleshpur, revealed, “Every day, Malnad villagers face these challenges. It is always villagers who clear the roads. Gram panchayats must be given the responsibility of maintaining village roads.”

Kavitha has now requested the authorities to step into the matter and be regular in repairing roads so that the villagers don’t face such problems again.

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Kriti Dwivedi is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv