Gurugram Women Claims Molestation By Brother-In-Law, Husband Beats Her Up

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A disturbing case from Gurugram, Haryana has surfaced in which a man allegedly beat his wife because she said that her brother-in-law, that is her husband’s brother, sexually assaulted her. The woman has filed a complaint against her husband and in-laws.

For ages, women have been held responsible for every mistake a man commits. If he eve-teased you, it must be your make-up or clothes, if he molests you, you must have asked for it, if he domestically abuses you, he must be tensed because you are not taking care of him properly. Everything comes down to women not behaving or working properly that ‘compels’ a man to commit crimes and do mistakes. In this case from Gurugram as well, a man decided to beat his wife because she claimed that she was molested by his brother but never once tried to question his brother if it was right.

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Woman Accuses Brother-In-Law Of Molestation

The incident reportedly happened on October 27 in Gurugram’s Subhash Colony. A 35-years-old woman’s brother-in-law allegedly found her alone at her residence, grabbed her from behind and tried to rape her. When she tried to explain what happened to her husband and in-laws, they sided with their kin and blamed her for everything. The husband even physically assaulted and ousted her along with her children from the house.

The woman, in her statement, reportedly claimed, “When I protested, he tore my clothes and attempted to rape me. My husband and other family members favoured him. They beat me up, and along with my children, they kicked me out of the house late in the night. I then managed to reach my maternal house”. The in-laws did not question the intentions and deeds of the brother-in-law which, sadly, is a common and wrong scenario in such cases.

The woman filed a complaint against her husband and in-laws on Tuesday, November 8 and the police are investigating the case. The SHO of the city police station Vedpal reportedly said that an FIR has been filed and the police are verifying the allegations and facts.