I Wish Girls Could Fail And Be Okay, Says Michelle Obama

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"In light of this last election, I'm concerned about us, as women, and what we think about ourselves and about each other" – these are the words of former US First Lady Michelle Obama. She recently put the spotlight again on the role of women in electing President Donald Trump, stating that his victory in the 2016 election showed a lack of women's empowerment.


Obama was at the United State of Women summit in Los Angeles when she made the comment. "What is going on in our heads where we let that happen? So I do wonder what are young girls dreaming about, if we're still there?" Obama questioned.

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"When the most qualified person running was a woman and look what we did instead, I mean, that says something about where we are, if we as women are still suspicious of one another, if we still have this crazy, crazy bar that we don't have for men ... if we're not comfortable with the notion that a woman could be our president, compared to what?" she continued.

According to Obama "any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice"

Earlier, at a conference in September 2017, she had explicitly voiced her opinion in support of equality. And the concern isn’t false. The 2016 exit poll clearly showed 52% per cent of White women, 4% of Black women, and 25% of Latina women voted for Trump.

"I wish that girls could fail as bad as men do and be okay, because let me tell you, watching men fail up, it is frustrating to see a lot of men blow it and win," Obama said


However, she dismissed the idea of running for president in 2020, saying, "That's not the answer either."

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