#WisdomOfMoms: 12 Women Share The Best Advice Their Mothers Gave Them

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The older I grow, the more I realize that my mother is the best friend I ever had

Among the various relationships that God bestows on us, the relationship we share with our mother is the most special one. Besides being there by our side in testing times, mothers also shower us with some profound wisdom that never goes out of fashion. There are a few pearls of wisdom she shares that stay with us forever. Those words guide us throughout our lives, helping us make the right choices.

Keeping up with the spirit of this mother-daughter relationship, SheThePeople.TV is running an online campaign #WISDOMOFMOMS asking and encouraging women to share the wisdom of their mothers.

We are sharing with you the most interesting ones that have come up:

Vrinda Lakra

Never look at yourself from others’ eyes, you are the one who can give correct and true judgement of who you really are and what you can be. And when that happens, you will actually start experiencing true joy.

Karishma Verma

No matter how tough life becomes for you, you should always remain positive. Being optimistic always helps you overcome any hardships in life. Don’t forget that you are larger than your problems.

Charvi Kathuria

She told me that life doesn’t take your age in consideration. It just happens. So, garner as much wisdom as you can from everyday experiences. You never know when you will have to fall back on that to derive your inner strength.

Rashi Goel

Never trade your self-respect for anything in this world. Nothing and no one is worth it. Hold yourself in high self-esteem and do not let anyone take you for granted. Value yourself and that’s only when others will learn to value you.

Anchal Goswami

Be kind and good to every person you meet in your life. You are absolutely clueless about the inner battles that they are facing. Your kindness, however, can help them heal their wounds and give them perspective.

 Jahanvi Nijhawan

Take a chill pill, no matter what comes your way. Do not be fearful and trust your abilities and you will be able to tide over every problem that you might face.

Sakshi Aggarwal

Love selflessly and don’t let your ego come in the way of your relationships… and you shall receive much more in return. Nurturing relationships is the real source of joy.

Aay Jayy

She told me that I am the queen and I can’t afford to give up. I must go on and on every day, building and redesigning myself not for anyone else but to impress myself.

Inderpreet Kaur Uppal

Work hard, love life and always count your blessings. There are so many people craving to have what you own. Be grateful for everything and it will increase manifold.

Kiran Manral

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up. 

Poppy Dhr

She  advised me not to depend on a man ever for anything. To learn and then earn. Because eventually, you will have only your resources to fall back on.

Kanishk Tomar

She told me that whenever in your life, wherever you are and if you are feeling alone somehow in any situation, just calmly look behind. I will always be there for your support.

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