Winners In Disruption Category At The Digital Women Awards 2018

Digital Women Awards 2018 celebrated women entrepreneur and their stories of success from all around the country. Meet the unstoppable winners of the Digital Women Awards in the Disruption Category:

Manasi Kulkarni, Director – Innoweave Biocare

Manasi Kulkarni serves as the director of Innoweave Biocare. The company works towards building and structuring innovations for affordable healthcare in the country.

Shruti Dandekar, Founder – 13 Woodhouse Road

Shruti Dandekar is an architect who found her calling in portrait quilting, a few years back. She started with upcycling old clothes into furnishings while she was on a break due to ill-health. Dandekar claims she has figured out the fastest methods of portrait quilting. In the process of working and blogging, she also works towards helping creative women entrepreneurs start and grow as a successful home-based business. She started “13 Woodhouse Road” in 2011.

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Ajaita Shah, Founder – Frontier Markets

Ajaita Shah’s vision through her social enterprise is to provide quality clean energy solutions. Frontier Markets is a rural marketing, sales and service distribution company which provides access to affordable and quality consumer durables to low-income households in India. Now, for almost a decade, Shah has been working in microfinance and clean energy distribution in India.

Rajvi Sanghvi, Founder – HobbMob

With the artistic Hobbmob Studio, Rajvi offers a platform for creative enthusiasts to learn, share and grow their passion. As an entrepreneur, she aims to create a dialogue about building upon hobbies and taking them forward. Her endeavour allows adults and kids to take up unique hobbies. She wants to be instrumental in reducing people’s dependence on corporate jobs or any 9-5 job. Rajvi has a penchant for rock climbing and swimming.

Shalini Sharma, Founder – Sanshodhan: An E-Waste Exchange Pvt Ltd

Sanshodhan is a Hyderabad-based initiative which works as a digital intervention in e-waste management sector. Shalini Sharma has over 12 years of experience in the industry. As the CEO of E-WasteExchange, Shalini is navigating the agenda of Climate change management, E-Waste management, resource efficiency, circular economy and SDGs in India.

Here are some moments from the event on Sunday: