Why Mentors Are Important In Entrepreneurship

Charvi Kathuria
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More and more women entrepreneurs are reaching out to mentors for their professional and personal growth. Mentors, they say, act as catalysts to help the venture grow by leaps and bounds.


Shethepeople.Tv interviewed a bunch of young women entrepreneurs to know the instrumental role mentors in play in helping them overcome the obstacles they face from time to time.

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Vidya Deshpande, Founder-Director of Soul Purpose, says,

"When you are struggling with pushing ahead with work, a mentor can give you the nudge you need to kick-start your engines and fire on all four cylinders. I have learnt through my mentoring sessions how to keep my personal identity away from public view and keep my business face on all the time."

Shireen Mehra, Founder and CEO of Women on Clouds, is completely in favour of seeking help from mentors.

"We must face the fact that we do not know most of the things. We will we doomed for mediocrity if we refuse to take help. I feel a mentor gives you good advice, tells you what not to do and helps you save time, energy and money. He helps you in not making the same mistakes he did. Business and other networking opportunities are some other perks of having a mentor."


Sangeeta, Founder At WeDesign, has an entirely different take on mentorship.

"I do not believe in having one particular mentor for my growth. I have multiple mentors in my life for different spheres of life. I feel everyone around us is a mentor in his/her own way. I learn a plethora of lessons from my domestic help. Why to rely on one person for guiding you?"

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Sakshi Talwar, Founder At Rugs And Beyond, opines

"Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey. One is bound to encounter roadblocks. The guidance of a mentor can make things easier for us. They give us a direction. I would recommend everyone to have a mentor. Interact with them, seek their help and make the best use of their profound knowledge."

Our take: Mentors can assist you in developing a sharper focus on everything that is required to help you grow professionally. Communication, inter-personal relationship and technical abilities can be enhanced under the auspices of a mentor.


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