Why Exercise Is Important During Menopause

Feb 17, 2017 09:39 IST
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Menopause is a difficult time for a woman. Hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, painful intercourse, irregular periods are some of the symptoms that some women experience. Not to say that all women experience these symptoms; for some the transition is not unpleasant or complicated.


The term "menopause" can describe any of the changes a woman goes through either just before or after she stops menstruating, marking the end of her reproductive period

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A study done by the North American Menopause Society has now found the solution to the unbearable hot flashes and excessive weight gain in women during menopause - Exercise.

The study was performed on 234 Spanish post-menopausal women aged 45 to 64 years, who had at least 12 months of sedentary behaviour and engaged in a supervised 20-week exercise program. As a result of this exercise program, the candidates witnessed "positive changes in short and long-term physical and mental health, including significant improvements in their cardiovascular fitness and flexibility", according to the press release by the Society.

Some women use hormones to get a balance back in their body, but exercise can now be their answer to this worry 

The transition period for most women is distressing as their hormones suffer greatly because of this change. The ovaries produce less oestrogen and progesterone that have a varied effect on a woman's body, apart from regulating the menstrual cycle.

Things to know during menopause: 


- A hot flash is a sudden feeling of increased body temperature. Hot flashes affect the top half of your body, and may even result in redness of skin. Usually, this is followed by sweating, heart palpitations and feeling of dizziness.

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- Menopause also affects bone health. Oestrogen affects the amount of calcium in the bones, therefore affecting bone density. This is more commonly known as osteoporosis (bone thinning).

- Weight gain is another problem that comes along with menopause, so it is advised that women keep a constant check on their health and diet. Exercise to keep your body fit.

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