Why Anushka Is That One Star All Feminists Should Adore

Anushka Sharma

Ever since Anushka Sharma had been targeted for Virat Kohli’s poor performance at the pitch, she has been more vocal about her ideology. Remember when she was tagged as ‘bad luck’ and that she jinxed Kohli’s performance by physically being there in the semi-final match against Australia during the ICC Cricket World Cup?

Recently, Anushka once again proved that she is in the fraternity not just because of her beauty but her talent and guts as a female actor who knows where, how and what to stand up for. Is fact, she is one the quintessential actresses from this generation who’s not afraid of frequently endorsing the ‘F-word’.

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She flaunted feminism as the latest cover girl of Vogue’s March 2017 issue, where she is seen donning a ‘We all should be feminists’ T-shirt, along with a black skirt.

Anushka Sharma on Vogue’s March 2017 cover

We can’t not love her for her bold and sexy attitude and what it that one word we’re looking for!!… Oh, yeah …outspoken as hell!

Neither Anushka nor we are getting over the T-shirt that promotes the slogan “We should all be feminists” written on it. Off the shoot too, she was spotted in a casual off-duty look and guess what — wearing the same Dior tee.

She is truly an inspiration which goes much beyond the fashionista label. She is sensible and responsible for the works she does and there’s no unique way of endorsing her feminist creed better than this.

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While on the subject, here’s a throwback of why Anushka has earned the feminist tag:

In the latest, the actress is starring in his brother’s home production ‘Phillauri’, opposite Punjabi superstar Dilijit Dosanjh. But even though she is breaking the norms of the typical female actresses in the Indian film industry, people are still being idiots as always, spreading rumours that ‘Phillauri’ is produced by Virat Kohli. Why? Because are you kidding me! A single woman can never do anything all by herself!

Anushka said in a statement, “I have always led my career with dignity and often chose to maintain a dignified silence on many untruthful stories. That doesn’t mean you can take my silence as my weakness and say anything without checking with me or my team. I am more than capable of producing and promoting my own films. Thank you.”

Candid and honest, Anushka earlier gave a tight slap to those who criticized her role in the movie ‘Sultan’. In an interview with Anupama Chopra, Anushka very calmly defended her character’s decision saying, “She makes a choice to not abort her child. Should she have not cared about her child and followed her dream? Are we moving towards a society that says the only right thing for a woman is to abort her child and follow her dreams? That could be right for somebody and wrong for someone else. But the ability to make that choice is a progressive step and not regressive.”

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She tweeted:

Meryl Streep’s heartfelt speech at the Golden Globes inspired Anushka to pen her own note. Anushka took to social media to convey how actors in a position feel judged when they try to express their opinion on any given matter.

Anushka Sharma

Prior to this, on the Karan Johar show, she raised the issue of why women had to be slotted in for rankings when men could ‘coexist’, thus winning hearts.

So now you know why Anushka defines the badass and the more you mess with her, the more she’ll enjoy kicking your ass!

Feature Image Credit: Indian Express

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