India Unsafe for Women : Medical Student’s Body Found in A Dam, Social Media Erupts with Anger

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Social media has erupted with anger, seeking justice for a young medical student from Godda (near Hazaribagh, Jharkhand) who went missing and was later found dead. She had left for an exam in the morning but never reached college. Reports like the one below say her phone was switched off for most part of the day. Her mother, who normally spoke with her at lunch time, couldn’t reach her either.

The girl was a resident of Lohiyanagar under Godda town police station. When she went missing the family and friends made a complaint. Later her body was found in the nearby┬áPatratu Dam. Some reports claim the girl’s body was tied, indicating there may be more to the incident.

According to Newswing, a publication focussing its reportage on Jharkhand, there is a likelihood of some incident having happened before she was murdered. It’s not yet confirmed if there was sexual assault. Investigations are underway.

The girl, an aspiring medical student, had sought admission in Hazaribagh College just last year.

An FIR was filed at the Hazaribag SP Karthik S initiated an investigation, reported TOI. As per the latest, many people assembled some even carried protests, near Sajid Samarak of Godda city when the body of the deceased girl was brought in for cremation. BJP Godda MLA led an Akroash March and spoke about how the lives of women have turned into a nightmare.